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Legaré /le‧gà‧re/

Present active infinitive of de lēgō.

To unite,To connect.

Legare is a creative lab focused in modular, and versatile multi-wear. We believe our multi-use concept provides the opportunity to take advantage and transform one outfit into many, while reducing impact on the environment. Making fashion more sustainable.

we love versatility and multi usefulness, we think it is a way to not only provide a more complete product to customers but also a way to make more use of the materials we bring to the world. we believe in not only sustainable ways of production but also sustainable ways to give a long use to products, this is why our designer creates a fusion between multiple usage scenarios ; that not only calls upon costumers to mix and be creative in the way they use products but also to use them consciously, not only mixing these usage scenarios but inviting them to get the most of every item they purchase.

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